Delhi to Nainital Cab

The picturesque green lake by Delhi to Nainital Cab is surrounded by charming old cottages and markets, providing plenty of charming spots for visitors. There are also several notable temples and other attractions worth seeing here.

Nainital's closest airport, Pantnagar, is about an hour's drive away and Kathgodam railway station provides excellent links with Delhi and other cities.

Routes for Delhi to Nainital by Cab

Delhi to Nainital by Cab, part of Uttarakhand's Kumaon region. It is an idyllic hill station encased by mountains on all sides and known for its lakes - particularly Naini Tal - which legend holds is where Goddess Sati had her eyes burnt off by Apollo when falling here. Tourists visiting from Delhi to Nainital by cab/taxi can explore an array of attractions in town such as The Mall Road, Naini Temple, Tiffin Top and Dorothy's Seat as well as Eco Cave Gardens and Snow View Point - among others!

Nainital is an internationally-recognized tourist destination for both Indians and foreigners. Drawing in large crowds year round from all corners of India and around the world. Featuring pleasant climate conditions throughout March to June and September-November seasons. Winter brings stunning snow-covered Himalaya views to complete its charms.

One of the easiest and most comfortable routes from Delhi to Nainital by taxi is along National Highway 24 that passes through Ghaziabad, Moradabad, Rampur Haldwani Kathgodam Nainital - making for an entrancing journey that becomes even more enjoyable with a rental car!

Another popular route to Nainital from Almora is via Ranikheet, which takes slightly longer but offers greater sightseeing opportunities than Almora. Both options provide easy transport solutions without stressing about transportation logistics.

Distance from Delhi to Nainital by Cab