Shimla Tour Packages

 Discover Shimla's scenic beauty and historical charm with our exclusive Shimla Tour packages. The northernmost state of India, Himachal Pradesh, provides visitors with an amazing Himalayan experience. Shimla is the capital and one of the most well-known hill stations in the country, along with Dalhousie, Dharamshala, Kullu, and Manali. Known for its continuous snow in some sections, Shimla, which was formerly the summer capital during British rule, continues to draw tourists year-round, resulting in a constant demand for Shimla Tour packages.

Best Shimla Tour packages

A lovely place to have the best tour packages for Shimla , Due to its beautiful valleys and steep hills, it is a well-liked tourist destination in India. The town attracts visitors looking for relaxation from the hot weather elsewhere with a variety of facilities hidden above snow-capped mountains.

Shimla shows a natural feel that has been enhanced in certain holiday Trip  packages to Shimla. Since there are little automobiles in the central town area, walking through the famous mall, lively bazaars, and small streets is enjoyable.

Locals in Shimla extend a kind welcome to visitors, adding to the town's allure and year-round beautiful weather. Visits between April and mid-July and between September and late-October are the most recommended. Winter, which lasts from December to February, is perfect for snow lovers as it covers the town in perfect white powder. Shimla travel packages offer the perfect

opportunity to explore this charming destination during any season, ensuring

a memorable and immersive experience for travelers of all preferences.

Best places to visit in Shimla

Lakkar Bazaar: A hive of activity known for its wood-crafted goods, Lakkar Bazaar is a shopping haven in Shimla. In this lively marketplace, discover local culture and traditional crafts.

Jakhoo Temple: Offering stunning views of Shimla, this historic temple to Lord Hanuman stands top Jakhoo Hill. Travelers climb to visit the famous Hanuman statue and to ask for blessings.

Kufri: Fun World is a snow-themed attraction with thrilling ride and beautiful surroundings, making it a haven for adventure seekers. Take pleasure in skiing and skating at this well-known entertainment park.

Mahasu Peak: High gracefully over Shimla, Mahasu Peak offers breathtaking views and thrilling trekking routes. Climbers and environmentalists enjoy the expansive view from this high peak.

Christ Church: A magnificent example of colonial architecture, Christ Church represents the rich history of Shimla. Admire its peaceful environment and neo-gothic architecture, which provide comfort to guests.

Scandal Point: With incredible views of the Himalayas, Scandal Point is a historic memorial steeped in romance and mystery. Explore this busy square and take in the picturesque atmosphere.

Himalayan Nature Park: With a wide variety of plants and animals, this park is a nature enthusiast's

dream come true. Discover unusual Himalayan species in their native surroundings by strolling along nature trails.

Chail Cricket Ground: The world's highest cricket ground, Chail Cricket Ground is situated in beautiful surroundings. A game can be played in front of the magnificent Himalayan scenery, which is ideal for sports fans.

MapMyDestination provide a selection of great Shimla trip packages, some of which are the most reasonably priced. We can help you find a vacation that fits your interests and price range. Our Shimla honeymoon packages offer plenty of chances for newlyweds looking for a romantic getaway to foster love and fortify relationships.

Shimla is a beautiful vacation spot with well-kept roads that make traveling across the Himalayas enjoyable. With its amazing natural splendor, including snow-capped peaks, calm lakes, flowing waterfalls, and beautiful towns, it's the perfect place to start weekend trips in Himachal Pradesh.

FAQ For The Shimla Tour Packages


(Q)  How do you plan a Shimla tour? 

(Ans) To plan a Shimla tour:

Start by setting your travel dates and researching attractions like Mall Road and Jakhu Temple.

Book accommodation in advance, considering location and budget.

Decide on transportation, whether by road, rail, or air and create a flexible itinerary with popular spots like Kufri and Shimla Ridge. 

Pack essentials such as warm clothing and sunscreen and budget expenses like meals and activities. Consider booking tours or activities in advance. Finally, stay flexible and enjoy exploring Shimla's beauty, culture, and adventure opportunities while making unforgettable memories.

(Q)  Where to stay in Shimla on tour?

(Ans)  When visiting Shimla on tour, there are various accommodation options to consider based on your preferences and budget. You can stay in hotels, resorts, guesthouses, or homestays in different parts of the city. Popular areas to stay include Mall Road, Ridge, Chotta Shimla, and Kufri.

(Q)  How far is Shimla from Delhi by road? Can I take a flight from Delhi directly to Shimla?

(Ans)  The road distance between Shimla and Delhi is approximately 342 kilometers, and it takes around 7 hours to reach Shimla from Delhi by road.

No, there are no direct flights to Shimla from Delhi. The nearest airport to Shimla is Chandigarh, and from there, you can travel to Shimla by road or take a connecting flight to Shimla Airport.

(Q)  Which is the best season to experience snow in Shimla? Does Kufri have snow?

(Ans)  The best season to experience snow in Shimla is winter, typically from December to February. Shimla receives heavy snowfall during this time, transforming the region into a winter wonderland. 

(Q)  What are the popular treks and adventure sports in Shimla?

(Ans)  Shimla to Chail Trek: This trek offers stunning views of the Himalayan ranges and takes you through lush forests, charming villages, and scenic landscapes.

Paragliding: Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy paragliding in Shimla, experiencing the thrill of flying over picturesque landscapes.

Skiing: During the winter months, Shimla and nearby areas like Kufri offer excellent opportunities for skiing on the snow-covered slopes.

River Rafting: Adventure seekers can indulge in river rafting in the Sutlej River near Shimla, experiencing the adrenaline rush amidst scenic surroundings.

Mountain Biking: Explore the rugged terrain and scenic trails around Shimla on a mountain biking adventure, experiencing the thrill of off-road cycling.

Camping: Camping in Shimla allows travelers to immerse themselves in nature, enjoy starry nights, and experience the peace of the mountains.

(Q)  When can I see snow in Shimla?

(Ans)  Shimla snow can be seen during winter, typically from December to February. This period is characterized by heavy snowfall, transforming Shimla into a picturesque winter wonderland. The snow-covered landscapes create a magical atmosphere, making it an ideal time for snow lovers to visit. Visitors can enjoy various snow activities like skiing, snowboarding, and making snowmen amidst the breathtaking scenery. It's advisable to check the weather forecast and road conditions before planning your trip to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience of witnessing the snow in Shimla.

(Q) Which is the nearest airport to Shimla?

(Ans)  The nearest airport to Shimla is located in Chandigarh. Chandigarh Airport is approximately 113 kilometers away from Shimla. From Chandigarh, travelers can opt for a connecting flight to Shimla Airport or travel by road. The journey from Chandigarh to Shimla takes 3 to 4 hours by car, depending on the traffic and road conditions.

(Q)  What is the monsoon season in Shimla?

(Ans) The monsoon season in Shimla typically lasts from July to September. During this time, Shimla experiences moderate to heavy rainfall, which enhances the region's lush greenery. The monsoon season brings a refreshing change to the landscape, with misty mountains, verdant forests, and gushing waterfalls. While the rainfall may restrict outdoor activities to some extent, it also offers a unique opportunity to witness Shimla's natural beauty in a different light. Travelers visiting Shimla during the monsoon season should be prepared for occasional showers and plan their activities accordingly.

(Q)  What are the things to do in Shimla?

(Ans)  Things to do in Shimla include:

  • Visiting the Mall Road.
  • Exploring Jakhu Temple.
  • Enjoying the scenic beauty at Kufri.
  • Taking a toy train ride.
  • Indulging in adventure activities.

(Q) What is the local mode of transport in Shimla?

(Ans) Shimla's local modes of transport include taxis, buses, and the famous toy train that runs between Kalka and Shimla.

(Q)  Are there sufficient ATMs across Shimla?

(Ans)  Many ATMs are available across Shimla, especially in popular tourist areas and commercial centers.

(Q)  Are two days enough for Shimla? Which places are usually visited together with Shimla?

(Ans) Two days can give you a glimpse of Shimla's beauty, but ideally, three to four days are recommended for a more comprehensive experience. Popular destinations often combined with Shimla include Kufri, Chail, Manali, and Chail.

(Q)  How much does a Shimla trip cost?

(Ans) The cost of a Shimla trip can vary depending on factors like accommodation, transportation, activities, and duration.  

(Q)  Where can I enjoy ice rink skating in Shimla?

(Ans)  During winter, you can enjoy ice skating at the rink near Lakkar Bazaar in Shimla.

(Q)  Where can I enjoy a toy train tour in Shimla?

(Ans) The toy train ride in Shimla starts from the Shimla Railway Station and takes you through scenic routes to destinations like Kalka and Shimla.

(Q) Manali or Shimla: which location is better?

(Ans) Tourists usually believe in feeling safe in Shimla. Each of Shimla and Manali has its unique attraction; which one prefers is a matter of personal taste. While Manali provides more adventurous activities and a bustling nightlife, Shimla is known for its historical architecture and peaceful atmosphere.

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